Our Social Justice Captain Violet recently took part in a campaign launch of 150 Days of Action for Refugees with other Sydney Catholic Schools, refugee advocates and members of the Josephite Justice Network on 1 May for the Feast of St Joseph the Worker. A Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart volunteer asked that we pass on the following feedback about her participation on the day:

“She was amazing. A couple of things didn’t go exactly according to plan and Violet covered it up. She read with confidence and poise. She was good natured and friendly with all our guests. She presented in perfect, neat school uniform.”

In short she was prefect. You can be very proud of her.

“A teacher from Loreto Kirribilli actually took the time to write to me to acknowledge Violet calling her amazing. Truly, because she was so clam, reverent and clear the event was truly meaningful and moving.”

Although many Australians consider the issue “solved” because of the strict border control measures enacted by the government, Catholics continue to minister to refugees and asylum seekers in the community and advocate for their freedom and welfare.

The 150 days of action will conclude with a Day of Lamentation and Call on Refugee Sunday, 27 September.

For more information visit: 150 Days for refugees