Principal Narelle Archer said 2020 was a tricky year to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

“The planned community celebrations have been put on hold in the hope that all can eventually come together in 2021 to mark the significant legacy of the first secondary school started by the Sisters of St Joseph,” Ms Archer said.

“On March 25, 1960, the young women of MSJ wore the uniforms for the first time and celebrated the beginning of a school with the aim of generating educated and socially aware women who would make a powerful difference over the next half century.”

Founding principal, Sr Geraldine Kiss (1960-1967), said students would physically polish the red wood floors of the buildings with pride each Friday and were challenged to see themselves as not “just a girl” but to be young people of hope who could grow in wisdom.

“The three young Sisters at the inception of the school, each with 70 students in their classroom, were determined to help these young people see any difficulties in a positive way as a means to build themselves up to cope with the challenges of life. This goal has certainly been realised.”

Mount St Joseph is entering a new phase of its journey and reinventing its learning spaces to meet the needs of the future.
Principal Archer added: “I am determined that somewhere in the new buildings, the polished red wood floorboards of the past 60 years will shine through as a reminder of the many students who have trodden the hallways and who have proven that regardless of what life throws at you, MSJ girls can do anything.”